[Weekly Recap|52/16] Yearly Trendtrading Performance-, Process- and Charting Review


Everybody needs an Investment Plan!

Why Trend Trading is a decent concept to manage your money/savings even if you’re not a trading/investing nerd. Everybody needs a plan, the market doesn’t just hand out profits for free. Not even if you’re a buy and holder willing to wait for 20 years.

Nick Radge on What to Expect from Trading

Nick has been trading since 1985 and is a professional trader, analyst and author. He worked on the trading floor of the Sydney Futures Exchange, worked for international banks in London, Sydney and Singapore. He regularly consults with financial planners and accountants and is a keynote speaker for ATAA, AIA, ASA, Traders Expo and SKY Business. He resides in Noosa with his wife Trish and 3 teenage children.


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