2 thoughts on “[Weekly Recap|21/2018] Boredom is what 2018 is: Key Skills for Traders/Investors

  1. Great round-up. Thanks, when you mentioned the markets were boring it reminds me of a few lines from a Flashman novel about changing times from the Victorian Age (1837-1901). He called the new age boring. My how he was wrong. But human nature never changes. The same patterns keep coming around!, regards, Pearse.
    We were entering what is now called the Victorian Age, when respectability was the thing; breeches were out and trousers came in; bosoms were being covered and eye modestly lowered; politics was becoming sober, trade and industry were becoming fashionable, the odour of sanctity was replacing the happy reek of brandy, the age of the Corinthian, the plunger and the dandy was giving way to the prig, the preacher and the bore.

  2. Maybe it’s a function of human nature to get bored before one comprehends the opportunity and excitement in a new phase? What that means translated to our market analysis, we will wait and see once again 🙂 Thanks for dropping by pearse!

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